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    About us

    Who we are?

    We, experienced internet professionals, lead a group of young people, full of vigor and vitality, to deal with the most advanced Internet technology - virtual reality. Taking the advantage of self-developed panoramic video technology, we fly to the sky, reach the mountain peaks, explore the ocean. We are committed to making virtual reality a new tourist media and diversified platform for colorful scenery around the world.

    The Truth of "JustBeHere"

    We are curious about this world, we are interested in finding the most gorgeous moment of life, we are rambling at the sky of freedom and dancing with the passion. JustBeHere, an App which provides a collection of the most famous scenery all around the world, using a variety of advanced technologies encompassing the panoramic videos of air shooting, diving shooting and three dimensional monuments restoration. With an all-dimensional scenery, people can tour around the world every time and everywhere. Rely on ClouldWave-Developed algorithm, JustBeHere panoramic videos are produced in 4k HD level and are able to support various kinds of terminals. Thus, JustBeHere App is the most advanced tools for people to enjoy the panoramic videos anytime and anyplace. once the registration of JustBeHere is done, you will become one of the member of us. You can review, store, download and share any video you like.Specially designed social system known as "hot ballon" will allow you to send personal information and establish your own travel circle.

    We are such a group of pioneer

    Joining this professional group , you will give full play to your creativity. You will work with photographers whose footprints are spread all over the word, aerial photographers who have an ardent love for sky and engineers who show great interests in developing and researching. All these are sources of creativity, which in turn, contributes to the incredible. As a group of people, full of vigor and vitality, we pioneer with passion and explore with curiosity. Struggling is a vivid reflection of our life. We are an international team with staff coming from different countries:America, Canda,German and Russia, which endowed us with broad horizon and open mentality. Through extracting the best and exploring the greatest, we draw upon each other's strength in mutual emulation.